Nylon racing muzzle - whippets

Nylon racing muzzle - whippets

Moldable muzzles for whippets, Australia

Code: M 3602
Category: Racing muzzles

Ultralight muzzles, easy to fit on, extremly well accepted by dogs. Very resistant material. 3 whippet sizes available.

Weight of the muzzle: 25 g

How to choose the right size

To see the real sizes of muzzles, use this link. The most important dimension is the length of the muzzle. For this dimension we consider the reserve 2-3cm. The width of the muzzle can be re-moulded to fit the exact shape of any greyhound's head, simply by dipping in hot water, re-shaping and holding in cold water.


Produced by Australian Greyhound Products, Australia

Choose size

S1 - YEL
In stock
22.27 EUR
S2 - BLU
Not available
22.27 EUR
S3 - RED
Not available
22.27 EUR

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