Wire racing muzzle - B, IW

Wire racing muzzle - B, IW

Wire Muzzles for Borzoi and irish wolfhounds, Millers Muzzles, Australia

Code: M 3403
Category: Racing muzzles

Ultralight muzzles, easy to fit on, extremly well accepted by dogs. The wire muzzles are meticulously handmade from high quality stainless steel, spring tempered wire and soldered with 34% silver content solder on all wire crossover points (which make the solder points as strong as the wire itself).

Weight of muzzles:
XL0 - 105 g
XL1 - 105 g
XL2 - 130 g

How to choose the right size

To see the real sizes of muzzles, use this link. The most important domension is the length of the muzzel. For this domension we consider the reserve 4-5cm. The width is flexible. The domensions C1, B2 are adjustable - view the photogallery.


Produced by Millers Muzzles, Australia

Choose size

XL0 - Borzoi
In stock
41.39 EUR
XL1 - IW female
In stock
41.39 EUR
XL2 - IW male
Not available
41.39 EUR

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