Racing Jackets 1-6, FCI colours

Racing Jackets 1-6, FCI colours

Double-sided racing jackets made of light serge, numbers 1-6, FCI colours,

Code: H 2155
Category: Sets for races

Jackets with a rubber band in the front side, adjustable closure - rubber with wholes and bottons. Cutting the rubber according with the dog´s size is recommended or it can be used doubly. Colors and numbers according to FCI rules. Size XS for italian greyhounds, size S for whippets, size M for pharaohs, salukies, sloughies e.t.c., size L for greyhounds, deerhounds and irish wolfhounds.


Produced by SOFA Dog Wear PRODUCTION s.r.o., Czech Republic
Fibre: TERA: 65% PES/25% COT, 245g/m2 Do not tumble dry or dry on direct sun.

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