Rug Proof

Rug Proof

Impregnating agent for all types of dog clothes with or without lining

Code: U 0109
Category: Maintenance

Restores and improves water resistance while maintaining breathability. Extends service life, optimizes functionality and improves insulation. After the water resistance is completely worn out, it will need to be restored with Nikwax Rug Proof.

If a waterproof blanket or dog clothes loses its water resistance, it also loses its breathability. This creates moisture between the fur and the fabric, which cools the animal and causes it discomfort, which can also be the cause of the disease. If the outer fabric absorbs water, the blanket / suit may lose up to 70% of its breathability. Therefore, to ensure the comfort of your large or small pet, water resistance must be maintained on the outer fabric of the blanket or suit. Therefore, use Nikwax Rug Wash for washing, which will revive water resistance.


For best results, we always recommend washing in Nikwax Rug Wash first. This product is designed for new and used horse blankets and dog clothes, providing them with long-term water resistance. It is not necessary to dry the blankets before impregnation. Shake well before use. Observe the symbols on the product label.

Application in the washing machine:

1. Remove all detergent residue from the detergent dispenser.
2. Put a clean blanket / suit in the washing machine.
3. Use 500ml per piece. Wash a maximum of one piece.
4. Set the program to 30 ° C cotton.

Manual rinsing application (use gloves):

1. In a suitable container, mix 500ml Rug Proof with 10 liters of lukewarm water. The dose is intended for 1 blanket.
2. Mix thoroughly, place a clean blanket in a container so that it is completely immersed.
3. Add another 15 liters of lukewarm water and rinse.
4. Leave on for 2 hours, rinse occasionally.
5. Rinse in cold water until the water is completely clean.


Allow to air dry or, if allowed, tumble dry at low temperatures. Follow the instructions on the product label.

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