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Cooling dog jacket
Old price: from 54.14 EUR
27.07 EUR


Cooling dog jacket
Old price: from 37.17 EUR
18.59 EUR

COOL One II - second Quality

Cooling dog jacket - II. Quality
Old price: from 25.86 EUR
12.93 EUR


Cooling dog jacket
Old price: from 54.14 EUR
27.07 EUR

SDW COOLing Towel

Cooling towel (not only) for dogs 43x65cm
Old price: from 0.81 EUR
0.57 EUR


Favourite shape in a warming version

Practical and comfortable shape, this time made from a luxurious warm knitwear. It can be used as a jumper as well as a warm underwear. ..

22.63 EUR
New products

Kevin JUMPER 02

28.28 EUR


53.33 EUR


SOFA Dog Wear - Big clearance sale

Big clearance sale

13. 09. 2018

During 26. - 28. 9. there will be a big clearance sale again:

Where?  Shop SOFA Dog Wear, Strojírenská 259/16, 155 21 Praha 5 - Zličín

When? During these 3 days, our shop will be opened between 10:00 and 19:00

What?  Prototypes, atypes, pieces with small defects or splodges.

Prices?  Prices will be from 4,00 to 16,00 EUR, only winter coveralls in sizes M1 - L1 will be for 24,00 EUR. Additionally, we'll have 10 % discount on our regular offer.

What definitely won't be possible? ;) Shopping on telephone or e-mail and exchanges or returning of goods. Thank you for understanding.

See you!

SOFA Dog Wear - Our summer events

Our summer events

29. 03. 2019

Please read if you want to meet us, we are trying to avoid misunderstandings :)

During the spring and summer we participate at events addressed mainly for sighthounds. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to bring the complete range of our products, sizes and colors but we will be glad to bring your orders (and also additional products/sizes, if you leave us a note that you need more sizes for trying).  Do not hesitate to write us in advance!

For the common weekend events we do not take sighthound wintercoats, we take only raincoats, softschell coats, jumpers etc. We also take only a selection of collars and unfortunately no products for other breeds (RRs, BULLies, ...) .  FCI ESH 2019 (Slovenia),  ECC 2019 (Estonia), EM 2019 (Germany) - for these kind of events we will bring all products for Sighthounds, including wintercoats - as much as the space of our cars allows;)

Please, note that we usually close after Sunday lunch on all events! The exact closing time we will announce on Sunday morning.

Our calendar is complete until the 31.07. 2019, additional events are coming: (link)

SOFA Dog Wear - Exchange and return of goods

Exchange and return of goods

22. 03. 2018

Exchange and return of goods

Dear customers, we always try to be helpful when dealing with exchanges and return of goods. To make the process of exchange and return as smooth as possible, it is necessary to keep in compliance with our Terms and Conditions. Summary of the most important information and instructions you will find under the link Return and exchange of goods. What is necessary:

1. Send the goods back within the statutory period of 14 days.

2. Send the goods to the correct address, which is: SOFA Dog Wear PRODUCTION, s.r.o. Strojírenská 259/16, 155 21 Praha 5 - Zličín. If the goods will be sent to a different address, you will cover the costs for resending.

3. Send the goods in apropriate packaging. If you received the goods in a box, then it is necessary to send it back in a box aswell. In plastic or paper envelopes plastic elements like buckles or zippers may be damaged.

4. Send the goods in such condition that it is fit to be sold again, ie. clean but not washed (!), without smell or hair on it. If the goods are not fit for reselling then we can not refund you full price.

5. Fill out the appropriate form, which helps us to find all the necessary information.

Thank you for understanding, your SDW Team.

SOFA Dog Wear - How to choose the right size of dogcoat

How to choose the right size of dogcoat

04. 09. 2014

Dear customers! For choosing the right size, please, take attention to the basic informations about sizes. If you are still not sure about the size, you can ask us by e-mail or call to +420 734 493 214. Thank you!

The detailed shemes with real sizes for each model are under the construction - comig soon!

If the chosen size won´t fit, don´t worry, we can change it!:)

SOFA Dog Wear - Business representation in Germany

Business representation in Germany

17. 05. 2016

Since 10.05.16 Susanne Anderl (with Vici Design) holds the position of the exclusiv representativ of SOFA Dog Wear trade mark for Germany and offers not only customers, but in future also German resellers an easy way of shopping per webshop.

SOFA Dog Wear - New SDW seller in Norway

New SDW seller in Norway

02. 05. 2016

You can order SDW products also in Norway from our new seller Hous of Dogs:

SOFA Dog Wear - We do not accept bank transfers from other countries

We do not accept bank transfers from other countries

20. 02. 2018

Dear customers, please note that according to our Terms and conditions we do not offer the bank transfer as a regular way of payment to customers from other countries. The bank transfer is possible only for czech customers. Customers form other countries can pay only by credit card or per Paypal.

We are entitled to reimbursement for costs incurred due to non-compliance with our Terms and conditions (bank fees) of 9,00 EUR VAT including.

Thank you for your understanding.

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